IPAssets provides artists custom blockchain wallets for quick artwork tokenization.  Our platform can be used for both tangible works and intangible works and all wallets are owned 100% by the artist. Artists can attach any number of “provenance supporting” documents, videos, images, etc. to their artwork NFT’s and enhance the detail and meaning of their respective digital asset. Collectors and Galleries can seamlessly obtain similar wallets and receive the digital assets when the artwork is transacted. They too own the keys to their own wallets. Our wallets can be integrated into typical WordPress e-commerce websites and make sales/interactions with average collectors easy and intuitive.

The IPAssets’ platform can help artists deter fraud and uncertainty of their authentic works’ lineage and transaction history. Leveraging the technological and sociological phenomenon of decentralized blockchain, provenance now has a means for continuity and longevity.

We don’t just provide seamless blockchain wallet integration, but can work with you to integrate the wallet and asset functions into your existing e-commerce website or help you get a new one set up. IPAssets makes it easy for artist to create, tokenize, and sell their work online or in collaboration with their Gallery partner(s).

More About Blockchain Assets


We use a fair-launch (no Pre-mine, ICO, etc.), Proof-of-Work powered, UTXO blockchain called Ravencoin (RVN).

Unlike alternative NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platforms built on Ethereum, the digital assets that are created on the RVN blockchain posses similar characteristics to that of Bitcoin. Resulting in a superior network for this very purpose (creating digital assets or tokens that represent tangible or intangible assets like authentic art). Read more on the differences HERE.

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